Chocoholics will definitely find delight in the sinfully sweet treats created by SWEET RUBY JANE CONFECTIONS, a Vegas-based, but online-only store dealing with all-things-chocolate… and then some. Sisters and founders Susan Philipp and Patty McCormick based their recipes from what they learned at grandma Ruby Jane’s kitchen. While still fairly new, customers have already found favorites such as peanut brittles and barks, chocolate dips and sticks and of course, fudge. One of the company’s signatures is their penchant for dipping “almost anything” in chocolate and putting it on a stick. As their slogan says, “Sticks, plus dips, equals bliss.”
You can’t argue with that. You always knew ‘Grandmother knows best..’

Sweet Ruby Jane – available online at www.sweetrubyjane.com – local delivery service is available, as well as shipping to anywhere in the United States.

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