Monti Rock Blast 11/03

Oh…the political arena finished, don’t we hope!  There will surely be a slow down in the economy now since President Obama, Sarah Palin and many others won’t be traveling all around the country every day.  Nevada Senator Reid is back and Jerry Brown became the new governor of California.  I liked Brown when he was running around with all the rock ‘n roll stars.  There must be a reason he is referred to as a  Moon Beam.  The change in the political game is that people are not happy with the Obama administration.  Change is always good.

We, who live here in Las Vegas (some call it Lost Wages), recognize we have the highest unemployment in the country and hope the foreclosure problem has slowed, but still find overwhelming sadness when you go downtown in Las Vegas and see so many homeless folks.  Our hearts go out because as the saying goes, “there but for the grace of God, go I”.  Enough said.

At the Luxor,  Menopause the Musical is going through some big changes.  For weeks the rumors have been rampant that the cast will be replaced.  The show continues to do incredible business, especially for a show that’s been around for this length of time.

Reportedly Alice Tan Ridley, mother of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe, who has been a well recognized subway station singer in New York City and recently sang on America’s Got Talent, would be handed a part in the show.  As of this writing Susan Anton will become part of the cast for six weeks and will be replacing Paige O’Hara.  Paige has starred on Broadway in several shows and is known as the Voice of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  She’s almost over-qualified.  On the phone she told me she’s taking time for a Florida vacation and she just returned from London where she was busy promoting the 3-D version of Beauty and the Beast.  Paige also has a new CD coming out and as an accomplished artist, her paintings are being sold by Disney. She’s recently developed a couple of shows that look pretty good, too.  I wish you luck, Paige O’Hara.

Also at the Luxor, Criss Angel’s show Believe is getting better reviews.  Most of the Cirque is out and it’s just Criss doing his magic.  His show on television’s A&E, Mind Freak, continues with big ratings so he has become the rock ‘n roll magician.

I’ve written about the cast of Fantasy at the Luxor changing, adding a new singer, but Anita Mann continues to come up with more surprises and fine tuning the show. The show has just been extended through 2011,

Las Vegas headliner Zowie Bowie lost his female counterpart so it appears he’ll be going it alone.

The Wayne Newton problems surrounding Graceland West continues with the neighbors, city councilmen, zoning, etc., but while Wayne finally has all the money to put everything in place, he can’t seem to make this dream a reality.

Again, the closing of the Liberace Museum was sad.  A lot of brouhaha about who spent, what was spent and where the foundation’s money has gone.  Guess it’s all about creative bookkeeping and location, location, location.

This columnist is starting his Saturday radio show plus every week I’ll soon be on television discussing, what’s on, what’s off, who should get out of town, what restaurant, and the star of the week.  Ho hum.

Monti Rock III is always trying to make everyone aware of what’s happening in this great third coast.  Getting ready for my five Christmas parties, actually it’s a” Monti Rockathon”, trying to raise money for my various charities.

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